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Race Prepped Depowered Steering Racks


Advanced Autosports is proud to add another service to our Miata race program:

Race Prepped Depowered Steering Racks.

The Race Prepped Depowered Steering Rack service is available for both NA and NB style steering racks.

  • The steering rack is completely disassembled and cleaned in our hi-pressure/hi-temp jet wash machine.
  • All bearings are inspected and replaced if needed.
  • Steering rack gear inspected for damaged and straightness.
  • The power steering quill is welded to eliminate any unwanted torsional movement in the pinion gear.
  • Un-needed seals are removed from the power assist system, resulting in reduced steering effort.
  • Internal parts are lubricated with high pressure synthetic grease and back lash is adjusted.

The end result being more precise steering with less effort.

Please note you can no longer use this rack with power steering, that capability is eliminated.

This service is not available for NA 1.8L racks.

Your choice;

Race Prep of your Power Steering Rack, includes 6 plug system and labor.  Just send us the rack, you can keep the tie rods and cupler.

Race Prep Steering Rack, includes 6 plug system, labor, and  we supply the rack, NA 1990-1997

Race Prep Steering Rack, includes 6 plug system, labor,  and we supply the rack NB 1999-2005

** Please call or email for availability/lead time of the steering racks WE supply.  608-313-1230 or patti@advanced-autosports.com **

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