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Advanced Autosports stocks a wide variety of Brake Pads for Miata race cars and street cars. Performance Friction's (PFC) compound 97 has been our number one seller for many years. The linear feel of the 97 compound gives great confidence during the entire braking event.

For those who prefer other PFC compounds, we have an assortment of pads in 06-08-11 and 14 compounds at discounted prices.

Hawk Blue's were the first Spec Miata pads available. Lower initial cost and  higher initial bite make "Blues" popular with new racers.

Hawk DTC's offers several compounds to balance front to rear bias. The most popular DTC combo is the 60 Front with 30 rear. Advanced Autosports also stocks the DTC pads for the 2006-2015 MX5 cars.

The Hawk DTC 5.0 is designed as a cross over paid for Autocross and track day drivers. Soft enough for street use, but aggressive enough for track day use. The 5.0 compound is not recommended for Spec Miata racing.  

The preferred combination for Cobalt pads are XR3 front with XR5 rear. XR4 compound is available on a special order basis.

Our Raybestos pads street only pads. Designed for a daily driver Miata.