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Cool Suits

The Advanced Autosports Cooling System is built by Fresh Air Systems Technologies or FAST for short. FAST is the leader in driver cooling from club racing to the highest levels of professional racing.

FAST shirts features more tubing over 50 feet, than any other shirt on the market. The "off the shoulder"  tubing pattern prevents pinching with a "HANS" type device.

Exclusive to Advanced Autosports is the Maroon and White color design of T-shirt. Other colors may result in a slight delay of shipping.

The Advanced Autosports Kit includes a simple on/off switch, all wiring and connectors you will need to install the Driver cooling system in most cars. 

Dave’s Tech Tip’s
Once you try a Cool Suit you’ll never run without it again. Have you ever noticed your mind wondering (and lap times slowing) at the end of a race. Driver cooling helps eliminate fatigue and lack of concentration. I highly recommend having a set of replacement fittings in the trailer. The day you’ll need it will be the hottest day of the season.

*If you are looking for parts or additional F.A.S.T. products please contact us - we sell a full line of F.A.S.T. products in addition to those listed on the website*