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Spare Parts Carts by Advanced Autosports

Looking for a way to organize your spare parts? Look no further! Advanced Autosports has developed a "Spare Parts Cart" for your storage needs. 

The Advanced Autosports Spec Miata Spare Parts Cart is designed to carry virtually every suspension, steering and driveline part you could need. With custom designed brackets, the cart carries a complete set of control arms (upper, lower, front and rear) for either NA or NB Miatas or ND MX-5s. The NC is currently in production and should be available within the month.

Using factory hardware, you will always have that extra little part within reach. The lower level holds a spare transmission that can be removed without unloading the cart. Two half shafts, a drive shaft and a steering rack have dedicated storage areas around the transmission. The center shelf has plenty of space for inner and outer tie rods, ball joints, PPF bolts and suspension long bolts. Complete rear uprights, front spindles and up to four front wheel bearings fit on the upper level. A complete differential assembly sits on the top.

All this in a convenient 20" x 44" x 37" (D-W-H) wheeled cart (four swivel casters included) that you can take from the garage, to the trailer, to the track, as needed. Using our optional aluminum diamond plate top, you can use the cart as a work bench. The Advanced Autosports Spec Miata Spare Parts Cart is all steel and fully welded, using precision cutting tools and CNC machined components. Following assembly, the entire cart is powder coated in bright red for long lasting good looks.

You can purchase just the cart or the fully loaded cart with all the parts listed below. 

Pictures show a fully loaded cart, 

  • Complete Transmission
  • Complete Rear Differential Assembly
  • Rear Axles/Half Shafts (2)
  • Drive Shaft
  • Steering Rack
  • Front Upper Control Arms with Hardware (2)
  • Front Lower Control Arms with Hardware (2) /Alignment Cams (2)
  • Rear Upper Control Arms with Hardware (2)
  • Rear Lower Control Arms with alignment Cams and Long Bolts (2)
  • Complete Rear Upright Assemblies (2)
  • Inner Tie Rods (5)
  • Outer Tie Rods (2)
  • Front Lower Ball Joints (2)
  • PPF Bolts (2)

The center shelf has 11 holes and can accommodate any combination of tie rods, long bolts,etc.

We can deliver it to the track or arrange for freight shipping.

"NA-NB Spare Parts Cart" can be purchased at https://www.advanced-autosports.com/collections/tools/products/new-product-spec-miata-spare-parts-cart

"ND Spare Parts Cart" can be purchased at https://www.advanced-autosports.com/collections/tools/products/new-product-spec-miata-spare-parts-cart-nd

"Work Top" sold separately at https://www.advanced-autosports.com/products/spare-parts-cart-work-top-new-item

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