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Suspension & Steering

There is no better way to make it easier to get in and out of your Spec Miata than a removable steering wheel. Any of our removable steering wheel quick release kits will simply bolt onto your steering shaft. No welding is required, simple hand tools are all you need. Pick your release mechanism and the wheel of your choice.

The hex style quick release mechanism is our most popular. The steering wheel goes on 6 ways and operates off a spring loaded pin. The splined hub is manufactured by Sweet Engineering and features a tighter fit and a 360 degree release collar mechanism. This is the style used by most professional racers from Nascar to Grand Am. The NRG quick release has become very popular. It will only go on in one direction and has no play in the mechanism. All our quick release kits feature a 2" setback on the steering hub. This replicates the factory steering wheel position. For drivers who need the steering wheel moved further forward we now also have the NRG steering wheel hub that locates the steering wheel 1" closer to the dash.

For over 15 years, Advanced Autosports has been providing the simple cost effective 2 plug system, for de-powering the Miata steering rack. We are now able to provide a cost effective 6 plug system.

Advanced Autosports is proud to add another service to our Miata race program: Race Prepped Power Steering Racks.