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Hawk DTC brake pads, for Spec Miata

Hawk DTC 60/30 Brake Pads

DTC-60 is a perfect compound for the front of any year Spec Miata. Combine with the DTC-60 rear pad for more rear bias. Use the DTC-30 rear pad if you prefer more front grip.
*Each Box Contains 4 pads for either front or rear installation
  • DTC-60 1.8Liter Front - HB149G.505
  • DTC-60 1.8Liter Rear - HB159G.492
  • DTC-30 1.8Liter Rear - HB159W.492
  • DTC-60 1.6Liter Front - HB148G.560
  • DTC-30 1.6Liter Rear - HB157W.484
  • DTC-60 1.6Liter Rear - HB157G.484

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