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Eibach Performance Sway Bars - Anti-Roll Kit

Eibach Performance Sway Bars - Anti-Roll Kit

Anti-roll bars for Front/Rear 1990-2005 Mazda Miata. Spec Miata legal.
27mm/15mm Diameter

Currently the 1994-97 cars are allowed to install the 1990-93 front sway bar. Use of the smaller 90-93 sway bar is a performance advantage for the 94-97 cars. If you order a sway bar kit for the 94-97 cars we will send you the earlier front bar unless otherwise noted. Most 94-97 cars have changed to the smaller/ softer front bar, set to the soft position.

It should also be noted that all Spec Miatas run the same rear sway bar.

Don't forget to pick up a set of our custom fit sway bar links for use with your new sway bars, or get everything packaged together in our pre-assembled suspension kit.

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