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AIM Data Package

Advanced Autosports primarily uses AIM data system. Any data system will give you similar information; we have found AIM to be the most beneficial system on the market. We have developed a package of sensors that we feel works best on a Spec Miata. And have included all the necessary cables and adapters into our AIM package. It is recommended that you call when ordering AIM data products to get the best possible service. All products are available separately.

Advanced Autosports AIM package:
AIM EVO-4S data system
AIM "GS dash" display unit
AIM oil pressure sender with pigtail and extension cable
AIM water temp sensor and extension cable
AIM custom designed Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for 1.8 Spec Miatas (will not work with 1.6 electronics)
AIM brake pressure sensor with ICR banjo bolt adapter and extension cable
AIM Optical speed sensor, measures drive shaft speed. With extension cable
AIM Lambda/Air-fuel ratio sensor kit
AIM data hub expansion module
Advanced Autosports mounting plate for optical speed sensor
Advanced Autosports oil pressure sender relocation kit
Advanced Autosports coolant temp adapter, small
Advanced Autosports dash plate for mounting display

Click Here for a printable version of our AIM package.

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