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Advanced Autosports A/C and Cruise Control Delete Kit


The Advanced Autosports A/C Delete Kit allows you to remove the entire air conditioning evaporator box while maintaining proper operation of the heater and defroster systems. The flexible tube fits between the blower motor assembly and the heater control box when the evaporator is removed. The rubber plugs, fill the holes in the firewall where the a/c lines passed from the engine compartment to the passenger compartment.

After removing the cruise control actuator and cable assembly, a square hole is left in the firewall. The rubber grommet fills this hole, as it was from the factory, in cars without cruise control. 

Any of the rubber plugs can be easily pierced, to allow wires, cables or tubing to be routed from the passenger compartment to the engine compartment for gauges, data systems of fire bottle nozzles.


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