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Drove All Four Miatas at Blackhawk Farms


In honor of all the students returning to school. And those just entering Kindergarten (my grand daughter) A back to school themed story of what I did last summer yesterday. 

I don't know if any one has ever done this, but I drove all 4 generations of Miatas yesterday at Blackhawk. One of my customers put together a test day and invited me to bring as many cars as I wanted. Since I don't get much track time anymore, I said why not. 

1990 NA. I recently purchased back my original Spec Miata. I built the car in 2001, drove it for several years and have sold it 3 times since. I have not sat in the car in 10 years. The car had been sitting in a barn for 2 years. We did a basic reprep but no updates. It has been a few years since I drove a 1.6 car. Forgot how late you can brake these cars with 150 pounds off of the car. Took a few laps to get used to the lack of torque. The most fun SM I drove that day. 

1999 NB. One of my rental cars built about 5 years ago. A more than capable car, has a weird electrical gremlin that we are chasing. Only did a few laps. Drives like every other NB SM I have driven. 

2002 NB, Voyteks car. 2016 June Sprints winner. Being the newest built car, it has every trick I could think of when we built it this winter. Very tight very crisp driving car. Astounding difference in the feel of a fresh car. Those of you trying to win races in a old car, should consider having everything freshened up. It does make a difference. 

2007 NC, T-4. Again just test driving after some repairs. Did about 15 laps. Took a while to get used to the power steering. But autoblip downshifting is pretty cool. 

2016 Global MX 5 Cup car. WOW, I want one!!!! Mazda did a remarkable job of building a true sports car. Light weight, great brakes, superb handling, and it looks good too. Then Long Road Racing made it into a great race car. The best part is the gearbox. It took a while to adapt, after driving the T-4 car with autoblip, but shifting the GMX car is a dream. The shifter is smooth and precise. Perfectly placed. The clutch needs the right amount of pedal pressure. The pedals are perfectly spaced for heel toe downshifts. Even the 5-4-3 downshift ,required at 2 corners, was easy to do. I did not want to get out of the car, but knew I had to. Before I got addicted. 

Everybody racing a NB car should go drive a 1.6 and remember what made this class so much fun. The lighter weight, with better braking capabilities and higher cornering is what made Miatas, Miatas!!!!! 

I can not say enough about the ND car. I have driven Trans-Am cars, and Prototypes with 700 horsepower. This car was more fun. The ND car will become the new Spec Miata in the future. 



Beats going to zoo and watching the monkeys play with themselves. 

David J Wheeler


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