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"Just wanted to drop you guys a note and thank you for all the assistance you have given us our first year of racing Spec Miata. Whether it was for parts or information you shared with us it is greatly appreciated. 
My wife and I bought a 99 Miata in late 2014 and built the car that winter from the ground up including the cage. We spent a few weekends in 2015 in HPDE until we earned our competition license in the fall. We competed in wheel to wheel racing for two weekends in late 2015 in preparation for racing in the NASA Mid-South region in 2016. We ran some great tracks this summer for the first time and had a blast.
We ended our first full summer of racing at Barber Motor-Sports Park last weekend. At the NASA Mid-South awards banquet Saturday night, I was lucky enough to be presented with 1st place in the NASA Mid-South Region points in Spec Miata.
We couldn’t have had this success and had this much fun without your help, so Thanks again. 
Rick & Bonnie Worth
#24 SM"
Thank you we are here to help and appreciate the kind words. We have tried almost every product out there and put together packages of products that work. Basically we've done the work for you.
Check out our website at www.advanced-autosports.com. 

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