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Chevelle Performance Projects 1964-1972

Chevelle Performance Projects 1964-1972


The Chevelle is one of the most enduring and endearing muscle cars of its era, but original equipment on the A-body Chevelle does not perform near modern standards. Suspension, steering, brake, and engine technology has taken a giant leap forward since the 1960s and 1970s. Many Chevelle owners want to bring their cars into the modern era and enjoy all the the benefits of this cutting-edge handling, braking, and ride comfort, coupled with the supreme thrill of driving a classic V-8.

Chevelle Performance Projects features the latest techniques, right tools, and best materials, so you can complete each project safely, professionally, and with confidence. Quinnell explains each step of a product installation from planning, selecting the right tools and materials, removing the stock part, and then correctly installing the new part or performing the modification. With these instructions, avid enthusiast car owners can upgrade each component group on their cars. Projects include high-performance ignition, rack-and-pinion steering system, tubular A-arms, five-speed transmission, front subframe, and much more. Installing a modern GM LS engine is a popular project, and Quinnell details this complex install form start to finish.  

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